Tropical Gardening

Gardening in a hot and humid climate is really a tough task but people addicted to it take it sportingly as an adventure or experimentation. People living in zonal area experiences this hot and humid climate. Tropical gardening can be done both outdoors and indoor though here we have stressed in this section on outdoor plant care in tropical weather.

Some outdoor plants in tropical weather
  • Hibiscus
  • Miscanthus cabaret
  • New Zealand flax
  • Cardinal lobelia
  • Canary reed-grass (ground-cover)
  • Kalanchoe (annual plant)
  • Agave (for sandy well-drained soil)
Tips on tropical plant care
  • Plants grown on tropics require well-drained soil.
  • Choose plants with good roots and loosen the root from the soil when you take off the plant.
  • Make a big hole at the ground level of the pot. The roots should be placed well enough and place the plant at the base of the pot.
  • In case of the application of fertilizers don't put too much of nitrogen especially on flowering plants. It increases the growth of leaves and decreases the flower blooms.
  • Manure should be given to the plants on small quantity and less often. When the temperature is higher the organic manure is easily decomposed. It is done so quickly that the plants are not able to take it so quickly and it goes waste.
  • Cow, Horse or Sheep Manure - are the common organic minerals. You can mix these manures with soil or added with the compost if they are the dried ones. If they are fresh they can also be mixed with water and made a solution of manure tea. They are not much nutritious so they have to be applied frequently.
  • Urine - It contains high minerals whether it is of human being or animals. The nitrogen content is high is these type of minerals. It should not be given fresh but has to be given after been stored for sometime. You can make a solution of it with water. You can also apply it directly to the soil.
  • Among inorganic fertilizer the most important among them are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash. Nitrogen helps in the growth of the leaves and stems of the plants. Phosphorus and potash helps in developing the roots protects them from disease and helps in the production of flowers and fruits.