Garden Planning

If you have a passion towards natural beauty or planning for a home garden then only thinking of it and sowing some plants wont work. Just as a successful project needs systematic planning before execution similarly to make your home garden the most talked item proper garden planning is a must. First study about how to plan your garden yourself and apply those rules to make a blooming garden.

After measuring the length and breadth of the would-be-garden trace out a simple garden plan. Through this garden planning procedure you can get a clear picture of the whole project, which includes your priorities desires, expenses etc. Here I am giving a series of steps, which will help you in designing your home garden.
  • Settle down with a graph paper, eraser, ruler and pencil undisturbed for a span of time.
  • The graph paper should be of 11X17-inches to 18X24-inches.
  • The exact paper is that where 4 squares per inch can be structured for developing the Master Plan. The measurement of one square is ¼ inch and so four squares makes one foot.
  • Begin your Master Plan by the collection of your Base Plan measurements of gateway, garage, swimming pools, sheds, etc.
  • Then you can make a list on the natural plants. You can also include in it the obstacles that prevent you to design the garden. For example an unwanted pillar in the middle of the garden or the bushes of your neighbor. You can mark these obstacles with question mark '?'
  • Now make a serious study on those points that you have sketched.
  • Concentrate on your list and see if you want to change the sequence of priorities.
  • Pay attention to the points that are required for safety and living in harmony with your neighbors compared to luxury materials.
  • Make a different list of your changed desires.
  • Against each item note down whether you are able to do it yourself and need a helping hand.
  • At last pinpoint your wants by numbering them. Example -: Short- term desires can be numbered 1 and long-term desires can be numbered 10. This simple garden plan will give you a rough idea about the quantity of time and expenses that will be required to design your home garden.