Gardening Vegetables

If gardening is really your addiction then you can really try out some vegetables with flowers. If you are already engrossed in gardening vegetables then you can always choose the best tips if you find one after reading our tips on kitchen gardening.

Steps on growing vegetables

The first step towards vegetable gardening is tilling the soil.
  • The soil should be tilled when it is somewhat dry so that it doesn't gets clogged and become rock when it dries up.
  • When you are tilling for the first time insert the equipment to half of the soil deep.
  • On the second round insert it more to the soil until it reaches the desired depth and make the soil loose.
  • To make the equipment move easily between rows leave one row untilled between two tilled rows.
  • If you are having clay soil then reduce the speed of the equipment so that the tilling is done smoothly.
Soil Preparation - The soil should contain a good amount of phosphorus in it and the ideal time for it is the springtime. Dig a 3-inch deep soil and blend ½ pound of super phosphate with 40 feet of the soil. Cover the blending of phosphate soil with plain soil.

Plant the desired vegetables after preparing the soil. Small vegetables can be grown in rows 200mm apart. The larger vegetables like cabbage and bush beans can be grown at a distance of 300mm apart. Again if there are small seeds it should be 10mm deep while big seeds it should be 25mm deep. Don't sow the seeds close to each other. Also if you are applying mulch don't let it cover the seeds otherwise it won't get the required light.

Watering your kitchen garden
  • After the seeds are sown they should be watered regularly for the next 10 days. After that water 2 -3 times in a week. Keep checking the soil and see to it that it never dries up. It should always be moist.
  • In summer water your garden during late afternoon. But in winter don't water after 3p.m.
  • Soak the garden with water twice a week. Thorough watering is better than mild watering.