Making Topiaries

Topiaries are a common feature in gardens. By the art of making topiary one can give artistic shapes to the plants. With a little topiary care you can give them even different shapes. You can make them climb on the wall or give them any desired shape from general to the decorative ones. We have given some steps by which you can make a decorative garden with the help of outdoor topiary.

  1. Keep them in a place where the sunlight and wind reached partially. The ideal place for topiary is a shady patio.
  2. Keep the soil moist on most topiary plants. If you have selected plants like Ivy, boxwood and evergreens will turn brown on the edges of the leaves if they are not watered frequently.
  3. Don't keep the pot in water, as the roots will rot. You can put the pot in the saucer with gravel in it and keep the root upward so that it doesn't have direct contact with water.
  4. If again there is a problem of drying out, soak the pot partially to moisturize the soil.
  5. Apply fertilizer in small quantity and during the springtime. Fertilizer should be applied in small quantity to prevent extra growth.
  6. Keep the stretched branches and other weak stems tucked inside the shape of the plant.
  7. Bring the weak stems to the shape if possible even by tying
  8. Trim the long growth of the plant with bypass pruners.