Garden With Bird Bath

Imagine you are waking up from your morning sleep by the sweet twittering of the hustling and lively birds. As you open your window you are able to see the luscious green revolution with vibrant colored butterflies moving here and there. The wildlife in your garden will not only provide you the aesthetic beauty but by giving them their desired atmosphere you can prevent the disappearance of the rare species.

To create the required atmosphere for wildlife you need to plan in your garden a birdbath. From aesthetic point of view you can color your garden with vibrant colored butterflies. Even these different bird types and butterflies will also protect your garden from pests and insects.

Steps for attracting the birds

Garden birdbath with water - For constructing a birdbath in a garden a water source is very important to attract the birds. The water should be dripping, as they like to bath in dripping water. The birdbath should be near the ground but away from the cats reach.

Dust Birdbath in your garden - Birds have dust bath to keep the parasites away form themselves.
  • Border a small area of 3 square feet with decorative rocks and bricks.
  • Fill the bordered area with loose soil. It can be a mixture of sand, ash and loam.
Birds like native sparrows, thrashers, and other birds living on the ground mostly take dust baths.

Garden birdhouse - Bird need open places for relaxing. Fill the net bag with strings and it can be a safe and comfortable home for the birds. Orioles, robins, and chickadees will prefer these nests In winter to protect them from being starving offer alternative food such as seeds, suet, and fruits. And plant trees accordingly to shelter the birds from wind and cold. Sow the taller trees at the back and then the small ones and the shrubs in the front of the house.