Climbing Ivy

Climbing ivy can give a stylish outlook to your garden and also enhances the green revolution of your landscape. Ivy is the wall climbing plants that can decorate your garden or your house wherever you make them to climb. Here we have given out the procedure about how to make ivy plant climb.

  1. Tear out the hooked part of a wire coat hanger with wire cutters or heavy pliers.
  2. Don't twist the ends of the hanger.
  3. Round the hanger and give the shape of a circle. Both the ends should downwards in direction and not inside the circle but out side it.
  4. Insert the hanger ends in the soil in the middle of the pot.
  5. Then roll the tender stems of the ivy around the wire circling it and making the plant to climb in the top direction of the hanger.
  6. Continue with the process of rolling the ivy plant in the wire as it is growing. Do it until all the wire is covered.
  7. Take off the extra stems from the ivy plants that are not required. You can sow it in other place where it will grow into new ivy plants.