Planting Vegetable Garden

It gives a rustic charm to our mind. Planting vegetable garden caring and watching it grow-up and then when matured enough pluck it and it is ready to cooked and eaten. If the above day-routine suits you then you try vegetable gardening in front of your home and enjoy a healthy life.

Some common plants grown on kitchen garden
Lettuce is a vegetable crop grown on winter. It easily survives mild frost. But there is quite a variety in this leafy vegetable. Some are quite friendly to the warm climate. So by using these varieties you can make lettuce last long.

Procedure of growing lettuce
  • If you are selecting lettuce for cool- season then sow it indoor either during late summer or late winter
  • Transfer it outdoors during the spring or fall
  • Lettuce leaf should be watered often but not over-watered. It can be watered thoroughly only in the morning as after that it gets plenty of time to dry.
  • Mulch the soil organically so that it is a mixture of cool and warm temperatures. It also prevents the diseases to affect the plants.
  • Lettuce planted in the spring has to be kept under full sunlight. You can protect cool-season lettuce from the scorching heat by planting sweet corn, staked tomatoes, pole beans or deciduous trees in between the lettuce plants. The trees will shade the lettuce plants.
Among the types of lettuce the common varieties are Crisphead or iceburg, Butterhead, or Bibb lettuce, Romaine, or Cos. Romaine, or Cos is a nutritious one while Butterhead, or Bibb lettuce become bitter in hot weather.

Spinach is a vegetable for the winter and is grown either in spring or fall. Plant the seeds at the depth of 1/2 inch in early spring. Warm temperatures and long daylight causes the plant to flower and seed prematurely. Extreme chillness and transfer of plantation reduces the growth of spinach. The plantation of spinach in close space will produce the flower early. If it is not extreme cold spinach can be grown throughout the winter. In extreme chill weather spinach trees need protection. If you plant the spinach close to one another then the flower grows early. Spinach is not quite friendly with the weeds. Water supply should be adequate for the growth of spinach but over water will decrease production.