Terrace Gardening

At the end of the day your brain might be dead after struggling with daily affairs. At this tiring phase the only solace that you can get from is Nature. Again your legs have revolted not to work any more. So you are not able to take a walk at the nearby park. But you can bring the park to you. In this chapter we are giving you some information on terrace gardening. Terrace gardening is a type of indoor gardening where you take care of your indoor plants.

Important features before gardening
  • The roof on which the gardening is to be done should be strong enough to carry the weight of the garden
  • The terrace should be sloppy with an effective drainage system.
  • Lastly there should not be any leakage of water in your roof garden.
Structuring Terrace Garden
  1. Unlike any type of gardening this terrace garden also needs a detailed plan. It should be proportionate with lawns, shrubs, ground covers and small trees. If desired you can also assimilate the concept of water garden or rock garden or create a shady structure on your roof garden.
  2. The next step is the choosing of plants. Fiber-rooted plants are preferred to tap root system. Tap-rooted plants have the tendency to grow through the building causing harm to it.
  3. The soil that should be used must not exert pressure on the building. The adequate soil for this purpose is soil rite or peat moss. As it is a costly material you can blend it with garden earth, manure.
  4. To prepare your drainage system you need to do the roof garden construction. Lay only burnt bricks approx. 2" - 4" uniformly on the terrace. Burnt bricks are the best because normal ones turn into mud and collapse the drainage system. Corrugated sheets are another option and should be placed at 3' distance to make the water flow to the drain.
  5. In top of the bricks lay a net lawn. This will prevent the soil (prepared by you) to get inside the bricks.
  6. You have to construct drain at several places of the roof if it is quite large (say more than 500sq. ft.). Place pipes at several places leading to main holes. But be careful while laying pipes it should not be visible and gets covered by lawn when complete.
  7. Put the mixture of the soil prepared beforehand to the pot according to a level you choose. Then sow the selected indoor plants.