Gardening Of Fragrant Flowers

Some times there are so many things to be taken care of while designing a garden that we just overlook it. Just as the lushly greenery is quite rejuvenating to the mind and body similarly a heavenly scented garden is a solace to the heart after the struggling turmoil of the day.

Flowers are not the only source of fragrance though they are the most common one. Fragrance can also be found in roots, oils, leaves, stalks and even seeds. It is seen in general that fragrant flowers are not bright-colored. For a fragrant flower garden always select flowers that are having thick petals as their texture. Flowers like citrus, magnolia and gardenia are the best examples.

There is a wide variety in the degree of fragrance of the same flower. It differs due to the changes in temperature, moisture content in the atmosphere. The degree of the fragrance of the flowers also depends on the time of the day and the time period of the flower blooming. For example roses smell sweet in mild damp morning and the scent reaches at it ultimate height during the afternoon and by the night the fragrance of the roses ends up. The jasmine flower can be planted in terrace or below the window of your bedroom so that the sweet smell can soothe your soul.

The fragrance of the flowers is sometimes destroyed by the climatic conditions. Less water and scorching heat can hamper the sweet smell of the flowers. Scented garden are at its height when the air is gentle and the moisture content is high in the air. Frost and rain helps to bring out the suppressed fragrance of your garden.

While gardening fragrant flowers you can also sow other type of plants like trees, shrubs, vines and perennials. Here is a list of the fragrant flowers that can make your garden heavenly. The banana shrub, Japanese privet, fortune osmanthus, sweet osmanthus, gardenia, rose, confederate jasmine, and sweet viburnum, jessamine, citrus, gardenia, rose, sweet viburnum, confederate jasmine, butterfly bush, angel's trumpet, Japanese privet and orange jasmine frangipani, Arabian jasmine, lady of the night, gardenia, Japanese privet, crape jasmine, angel's trumpet, orange jasmine, citrus, rose and sweet viburnum.

You should always smell the flowers while buying so that you can get the fragrance of your desire.