Natural Fertilizer For Garden

It is well known established fact in these hi-tech modern days that nature is the only one, which provides the most harmless, nourished products. So why do we need to buy the infectious chemicals when you can easily get the natural fertilizer for your garden even without paying a single penny. The health of your landscape depends largely on the quality of soil and organic fertilizers are just apt for developing the quality of soil. In this section we are giving the steps of making compost, which is a type of organic fertilizer.

Simple Procedure of making compost
The easy method of making compost is by mounting the shredded leaves and grass clippings. Your compost is ready within the six months of summer.

More planned procedure of making compost
  1. You can select a place for your piling of all the leftover things.
  2. You can make a strong compost bin of slatted wood or recycled pallets.
  3. Open on one side so that you can make whatever changes you need to do easily. Don't close the top.
  4. The two necessary items for this organic fertilizer are green remains and brown leaves and other leftover things. One part of the green should be mixed with one or two parts brown and this mixing will go on until it becomes damp.
  5. First put a layer of leaves, which is 4 inches thick and then put garden soil of 1 inch. Again then add two inches of green leaves or brown leaves alternatively.
  6. Mix it round and round with manure or spading fork after one week. You can also add kitchen green leftover and also eggshells to it. Mix the pile up and down at every week. Within two months your natural fertilizer will be ready.