Flower For All Season

You can plan the color of your garden. Sometimes when you find your eyes getting bored you can quite easily replace and personalize your garden. Here we have given tips on the specific flower for all season. The best way to keep the look of your garden fresh is by planting annuals or seasonal flowers. Also we have specifically mentioned of the particular flowers that should be planted in fall to make your garden a unique one.

Annual flowers complete their life cycle in one season so it is easily changeable and it also gives a bright color to your garden. These flowers are quite comfortable in the summer season and they are sun-lovers. Some names of flowers that can be grown in March and April - ageratum, aster, balsam, celosia, cone flower, cosmos, crotalaria, cypress vine, dahlia, floss flower, globe amaranth, gourds, marigolds, morning glory, nasturtium, petunias, rose-moss, salvia, sunflower, torenia and zinnia. There are also bright shade loving flowers like impatiens and bedding begonias.

You can plan your garden in such a manner so that the tall plants are at the back and sow the bright-colored seasonal flowers front and this will give a refreshing picture of your garden.

Flowers in fall
The vibrant color of your garden fades away with the coming of the fall. Many features contribute to the color change. Change in temperature, short daytime, some artificial chemicals contributes to the fall of the color. Some of the trees and flowers that can be planted on the fall goldenrain-tree, red swamp maple, sweet gum, crape myrtle, dogwood, tulip-tree and shumard oak. These trees have their particular color but the climatic conditions differ so the colors of the flowers in fall might not be the same.