Garden Fencing

Though home gardeners sometimes overlook garden fencing but it is an important thing and should be done at the beginning to avoid all the future problems. Often it is seen that two houses are erected side by side with no prescribed boundaries. Both the owners suffered from a conviction that the other might grab its property. The second picture is of two women of both the houses are standing against each other complaining of the disturbances caused by the other.

These are some of the instances. Garden fences not only describe the boundaries of two houses. Sometimes decorative garden fences helps to hide something unwanted. The North Americans introduced the theme of garden fencing but it was only after 20th century it got the popularity.

Garden fence designs are available on a wide range. But the chosen type of fence should be a good match with the house. It means the picture of your home should be balanced. Some of the types of garden fences are given below
  • Wood - Wooden fences give a humble picture to your garden. It is most suitable for colonial homes. You can easily find them in small parts in lumberyards and home stores. If you want to give ordinary fences you can make it of your own. You can also use split rail fences that are found ready made and can be put up in a single day if the borders are described previously tools required are available before hand. Split rail fences can give a country look to your garden.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl garden fences can give a stylish look. Your garden decoration will be complete with the fencing of the garden. Quite similar to wood vinyl fences are easily available in the readymade form in the lumberyards and home stores. The advantage of using this material for fencing garden is of low maintenance, and can easily withstand the damages caused by climate and domestic animals.
  • Dry stone walls - If you want to give an authentic look to your garden then this is the best option. But while fencing your garden with dry stonewalls you have to be quite liberal in terms of money, time. Though finding out the right kind of stone and efficient wall -builders is quite a difficult task.
Last but not the least a few basic things to be checked out before fencing garden
  • Be clear and precise about your property lines.
  • Incase there is any confusion take a legal help.
  • Find out the laws of community specified space to be left between the houses.
  • Be confident that you have all the required legal documents before fencing.