Home Garden Lighting

It is quite obvious that you can enjoy the scenic beauty on fresh sunny morning but what about when it is dark. You can equally give a romantic look to your garden also when the daylight is not there and that too at an economical rate. Outdoor garden lighting is not just about embellishing your garden but it is also essential for safety purpose. You can keep an easy track on the path and prevent injury. Also home garden lighting helps you to identify the persons visiting your house. There are mainly two types of lighting. One is low voltage garden lighting and solar garden lighting.

Low voltage garden lighting
Low voltage garden lighting is very useful for night and there is a great variety in its brightness. It is totally shock less so it is quite easy to be used around children and pets. The electricity required for running is supplied by the power pack and is controlled by an automatic timer.

Solar Garden lighting
This is most used lighting as it is cost-efficient, easy and doesn't need to be turned on or off. Also solar garden lighting doesn't require any type wiring so in that term it saves electricity bill as it converts solar energy to electric power. But solar garden lighting is not meant for large area or for parties. It is useful to light the paths of your garden but not for any activity where brightness is required. It works well to light pathways in the garden.

Another trendy home and garden lighting, which is quite in demand nowadays, is the hanging lights, lights to be fixed in walls. These are specially designed ones.