Perennial Flowers

It is true that scorching heat is not quite friendly to the tender plants and flowers. But if you are staying in a warm area with a passion of gardening you don't have to worry. It doesn't mean that your garden will not bloom with flowers. Perennial flowers are very much appropriate for this climate-type. They are less watered plants and don't need much maintenance. That's the reason they are also called drought tolerant plants.

Planting garden for Perennial plants
Plan and adjust the space for perennial bed. You can divide the perennial flowers row wise and plant them, which one is to be, sowed in back, middle and front row. While selecting this drought tolerant plants be careful to select those flower types that can easily grow on average or poor soil. The soil has to be well drained and the best drainage facility is found in infertile old sand. Also they are low-maintenance plants and so they don't require much natural or artificial fertilizer. Another advantage of these low-maintenance plants is that they will make your garden colorful as most of them attract butterflies.

Names of perennial flowers
"Longwood Blue" bluebeard (Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Longwood Blue') is a drought-tolerant deciduous shrub. You can plant in the back row of the perennial flowerbed. They can grow in 5-9 zones, but in 5 and 6 zone it is an herbaceous perennial. It is trimmed above ground during the fall and it grows back in winter, and blooms in spring. It flowers from late summer and continues till autumn. Butterflies are quite attracted to these flowers.

Another drought-tolerant perennial is "Autumn Joy" sedum or Hylotelephium "Autumn Joy" which is also known as "stonecrop." It is best for rock garden. It produces more leaves but also has yellow, orange, red, or pink flowers that bloom in clusters in top of the leaves. It is suitable in 3-9 zones.

Moonbeam coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam') is one of the threadleaf coreopsis varieties. These plants grow in 3-9 zones. The flowers are daisy-like light yellow in color.