Tree Pruning and Trimming

Generally whenever an organ of any living thing is chopped off it hurts them or there can be life dangers also. But for plants it is just the opposite. For the healthy growth pruning of tall trees is a must. Though it is generally advisable to the home gardeners to plant small bushy trees. But if you prefer tall trees it requires pruning after a defined span of time.

But one thing about the plants is same as that of the human beings. They are able to able to heal their injuries and lead a healthy strong life if they are given little care. Pruning of trees are required for their abundant growth of also for safe living. But if you find the trees doesn't come across you safety measures you can also leave them in the same way and provide a home for birds and insects.

Some ways of pruning trees in home garden
Crown lifting / crown raising In this process of trimming you have to remove the branches from the lower part, and also branches from the side. The lower part of the plant from where the branches come of the tree is should be 3m above the ground. This will provide enough sunlight and air at the ground level of the and also give space to people so that they can loiter under the tree.

Crown thinning: A selected portion of the growing part of the selected branches is removed which can also be said as thinning of the crown. This method of trimming out door trees also allows the light and air to enter the ground level of the plant.

Some don'ts to be taken care while trimming outdoor trees
  • While pruning trees in your home garden be careful not to chop the top of the tree. It will weaken the growth though at first the growth seems to be vigorous but it will not be strong enough and can break any time. Then you have to keep on trimming and pruning all the time. The tress should always be pruned from the point of growth so that once cut it can grown again after healing its injury.
  • The evergreen trees pruning should be done from where a branch has grown from the main trunk. It should be pruned at the edge of the division of the child branch from the mother branch. This trimming will again enhance the growth of fresh stem from the same cut part.
  • Don't prune when the buds are sprouting especially in spring and during fall. Also the time of pruning differs for trees. So it is advisable to ask for the experts advice before pruning.