Indoor Herb Garden

You can take care of your health by sowing indoor plants. And among indoor plants the best option could be indoor herb garden. It will help you in decorating your room. Growing indoor herb garden is not a tough job. It needs the same ingredients as that of the outdoor garden. Adequate sunlight and well-drained soil is a must for gardening indoor herbs.

General tips on indoor herb garden

Location - The light requirement of different herbs vary from one another but most of them need the warm sunlight. While gardening herb indoors select a window facing south or west direction. During winter time fluorescent lamps can provide the required light.

If you are planting annual herb then they can be kept indoor for their whole lifetime, as they are short-lived. Perennial herbs should be placed outdoor during summer as they live for some years. Don't keep it under direct scorching sun but keep it in a sheltered place. You can also soak the pot till the rim in the soil. But as the frost begins bring the herbs indoor to prevent the loss of leaves and the damage of plant. Mild frost is helpful for mint, chives, and tarragon. It gives a rest period for the plant and rejuvenates it.

Soil Preparation - The best soil for indoor herb plants is a mixture of sterilized potting soil and coarse sand or perlite. To retain the sweetness of soil add one teaspoon of lime per 5-inch pot. Put an inch of gravel at the bottom of the pot so that the water is drained thoroughly.

Watering - Each herb has different water requirements. Plants that are growing, plants that are sown in clay pots, or in hanging baskets require large quantity of water. The herbs can be kept together on a tray filled with moistened pebbles to keep them in a humid condition. Don't keep the roots of the plant wet all the time.