Pressed Flower Crafts

If you have the habit of pressing flowers in books then here is something interesting for you. Pressed flower crafts will make a utility of your hobby of gardening. Also this garden flower art and craft will help you to decorate your room and even it is useful to gift your loved ones.

Dried flower crafts
  • Glass bowl (It can be a plate with a smooth surface).
  • Dried-pressed flower (Choose one flower or a variety of flowers. It depends on your choice)
  • Light translucent paper.
  • White glue that's been watered down with little water
  • Acrylic spray
  • Scissors.

  • Put a layer of glue on the front side of the bowl.
  • Then carefully apply each pressed flower with the face of the flower down.
  • Keep adding dried pressed flowers and leaves according to your choice but don't make them over-crowded.
  • Put a layer of rice paper in the bottom of the bowl. Don't think of being crinkled. It will provide texture.
  • Cut off the folds and put a layer of glue and paste the rice paper. Be sure that the glue had tried completely.
  • Paint the back of the bowl with acrylic or polyurethane. Paint 10 coats and give some time after each coat to dry it out.