Landscaping With Flowerbed

Can you just close your eyes and view the picturesque scene of a bed of dahlias swaying their heads to and fro at the gentle sway of breeze, and you watching the heavenly beauty from the window of your room in a cloudy day? It is undoubtedly a heavenly scene. By now you must be inspired enough to make a flower bed for your garden. Then read the steps given below about building raised flower bed in your garden. It is very much possible by raising flowerbed in your garden. Here we have given an easy procedure of landscaping with flowerbed, which if followed step by step can give you, a wonderful result.

You can landscape your garden with a variety of materials. But here we have given you a natural way of landscaping your garden though you can find some other ways of landscaping in our different sections.
  • Mark your desired place of making beds by rope, hose or twine. Rope or hose is better option, as it can be bend to mark the curves. View the marked place from different angles like standing and seeing in front of your garden, back of the garden, from the house, if possible going out of the arena of the house. What we mean is in every possible way.
  • Then you need to examine the soil for the making of bed for which the most suitable time is during late winter or early spring. The best way is to dig a six-inch deep hole and you have to fill the hole with water. If the water drains out quickly then it in sandy soil and if it doesn't then it is clay soil, which is the best one.
  • If the soil is sandy you need to reform it for which you have to blend it with compost.
  • Then the next step is to improve the quality of soil and also feeding the creatures that are staying in the soil.
  • You need to do tilling but not in heavy clay soil. It can make the soil hard and it is quite possible that the oxygen particles are lost.
  • Nitrogen which is largely available in most of the fertilizers and is very applicable for lettuce or sprinkling in the lawns but if given an early stage when the flower\bud\fruit have still not developed then it will stop producing fruit or flower. Only leaves will continue to come up.