Growing Lawn Trees

Here is a tip to make your lawn look innovative. By growing lawn trees you can give a fresh look to the lawn. Though the word lawn itself makes us think of a troublesome job but it can give your garden the distinct look among the many. So here is some information about caring lawn trees, which will be a helpful tool while designing your lawn.

  1. During the winter time the sunlight is very mild. The lawn trees should be deciduous so that it sheds of all it leaves in winter to allow the sunlight to reach the lawn grass, which is under the shady trees. Especially trees that are grown on the south or east direction should be deciduous and not evergreen.
  2. The selected trees should not have such roots that float on the upper surface of the soil or lawn mowing will be difficult. It can also cause damage to the lawn mower.
  3. Choose easy growing shady trees in your lawn that are not much sensitive to harmful insects and pests.
  4. The lawn trees should be friendly to the irrigation system of the lawn. Some trees like oak tree doesn't grow well in a frequent watered area.
  5. The shady lawn trees shouldn't produce any such element that is harmful for the lawn grass growing under it. For example, eucalyptus or walnut trees produce some harmful element that kills the lawn grass.
  6. The shade of the trees should not be dense enough because grass doesn't grow healthy under the leafy tree. And also the branches of the tree should be high as the sunlight and air can reach to the grass easily.
Some tips on lawn tree care
  • The ground of the newly planted tree should be kept grass-free for the first 5 years. If you insist on the grass growth you can plant low-growing ground cover.
  • From the trunk keep an area of 3 inches clean so that the string-trimmers don't harm the skin of the tree.
  • Mulching around the trees is another healthy care for your lawn tree but the mulch should be kept few inches away from the actual trunk of the tree.
  • During winter time layer the area below the tree with mesh chicken wire that is having a breadth of ¼ inches to prevent the mice and rabbits from destroying the soft skin of the tree
  • At each season you have to fertilize the shady lawn trees though fertilizer quantity of every season differs. During spring use a fertilizer that has large amounts of nitrogen and in autumn use fertilizer that is less in nitrogen and high in potassium.