Rose Care

When we think of flowers the most common name that comes to mind is the roses. Roses are found everywhere and the most common gift and also the most decorative feature in any occasion. Also a garden is always incomplete without roses. But your brows are raised while thinking of the hassles that you have to experience while growing roses. But rose care is quite simple and if done with little planning roses are in the list of low-maintenance flowers.

Types Of Roses
There are 150 types of roses, which are been developed from time to time. Some of the prominent types of roses are given below.
  • Hybrid tea roses
  • Floribundas
  • Shrub roses
  • Ground cover roses
  • Climbers
Tips on rose care
  • Roses have a great appetite. Fertilize them with any food but the food should be heavier than the phosphorus.
  • The quality of soil should be good so that it can retain the water and fertilizer.
  • Hybrid tea needs nourished and organic soil. Manure, mushroom compost, and other organic minerals are a must for this particular type of rose.
  • Organic mulch is the best option fro improving the soil. It is better not use decomposed wooden chips or bark product as it cause the loss of minerals.
  • Sometimes dig the ground underneath a rose plant with hoe to uproot the weeds
  • Hybrid tea rose can have serious disease. So it needs special care. Dust them with rose powder to keep the black spot and powdery mildew away.
Winter rose care
During winter pruning is not done to the roses. In the cold season a lump of mulch or soil is attached to the canes so that the rose plant can be saved from severe winter. Shelter the rose plant with a thick cloth in winter or by any other leafy branches. The sheltering should be done when the ground is frozen. Tree roses should be grown in a container so that it can be sheltered from winter in a protected area.