Growing Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum is among the most vibrant colored fall perennial plants. It can be of varied color type or size like white, pink, yellow, lavender, bronze, salmon, orange, or red. These petals of the flower can be either single or in daisy form.

Tips on growing Chrysanthemum flowers
  • While buying chrysanthemums select plants having plenty flower buds. It is better not to choose a fully bloomed plant, as their span of blooming is shorter than the partially blooming chrysanthemums.
  • Separate the branches from one another and sow the stems of perennial flowers, which are having healthy roots.
  • The adequate soil of this fall flower is well-drained soil. You need to add compost to the soil once a year.
  • Apply one-pound fertilizer per 100 square feet of chrysanthemum bed during the growing time to have a full blooming garden of chrysanthemums. The fertilizer should be mixed within 6 inches of the soil to have a healthy growth.
  • The flowers should be sowed 18 to 24 inches apart form each other. The specific variety of chrysanthemum needs 30 inches of spacing from one another.
  • After these fall perennial flowers are six inches long strip off one or two inches of the stem. The practice of stripping off an inch of the stem should be continued till the beginning days of August. This is done to have bushy low plants. Don't do the stripping very late because then the stem will not be long enough for the blooming of fall chrysanthemums.
  • Do thorough watering so that the roots evenly absorb the fertilizer.