Indoor Citrus Trees

If you have passion for trees instead of planning for the conventional tall trees you can simply opt for small trees. Fruit trees that are grown indoor are quite easily maintained. You will find it more profitable than the long trees in terms of money and time. By now if you are inspired and have decided for the other better alternative then here we have some information for you.

The best alternative for tall trees is the small trees and here we have gathered some instructions that are to be followed while growing small trees.

Choosing the right indoor citrus tree
The selection of right kind of small citrus tree depends on your requirement like if you are looking for a good meal then Oro Blanco grapefruit is the most suitable. From aesthetic point of view Minneola tangelo of deep-reddish orange is the best. Even you can consider Buddha's hand which has a great essence and beautiful to look at. If you are interested in cooking Thai dishes Kaffir lime is the suitable crop for you.

Potting your small citrus tree
If you have purchased a small citrus tree with bare roots it should be sowed as soon as possible. Fill half or three-quarter of the pot with soil and slowly place the plant within the soil and fill it up with additional soil.

Caring indoor small trees
Watering of your citrus tree depends on the soil mixture and temperature of the room, which keeps changing with the climate. Generally it needs water only for two times in a week. Mild watering is required for these fruit trees grown indoor to keep them moist.

These trees need fertilizer once or twice in a month. Use a balanced water-soluble fertilizer
Also place your indoor tree in a sunny area but not near the window, as it can be very warm there.

Pruning of indoor small fruit trees
While pruning your indoor small tree just look for a brown ring in the trunk, which is known as graft union. Any branch that is growing under the brown ring should be chopped off fully. Also if anything appears awkward to your eyes you can just cut it off.