Garden Decorations In Fall

We certainly have the fascination to decorate both our indoor and outdoor with specific seasonal items during that particular season. But at every season going to the market and buying the craft items is not quite easy. So we have plenty of information on garden decorations that can be done in fall, as the time is quite ripe for decorating your outdoor yard. Fall decoration in your backyard will not only give an innovative look to the garden but it will display your creative attitude. Also to find the items required for outdoor decorations you don't have to hunt the market but you find them easily in your garden lying unnoticed.

There is an endless list of items of outdoor fall decorations and we have given you craft-making procedure of some such items like fall corn candle, fruit basket, dried flowers wreath, hanging lantern with gourds.

Bright fall corn candle
  • Collect equal sized ears of colorful corn.
  • Stick them all around the candle using hot glue
  • Tie them together with a twine
  • Scatter dried leaves at the ground level.

Now your fall dinner table is ready. Enjoy the view while relishing on the delicious dishes.

Humble wreath
  • Take a old picture frame
  • Remove the back of the cardboard and glass
  • Attach the autumn flowers like bittersweet and dried sunflowers and leaves to the frame
  • Wrap the whole frame with dried twine.
Hanging lantern

Among the garden fall decorations the most famous item is the gourd or pumpkin.
  • Cut the gourd on the top
  • Take out all the pulp from inside with a spoon.
  • Make a hole on both the sides with a screwdriver. Make the hole near the upper side cut.
  • Tie a copper wire on both the sides to make it a handle
  • Put a small tea candle on it and hang it anywhere to create a dreamy aura.