Container Gardening Design

Generally we throw all the unwanted things like faded urns, water cans, milk cans tins, barrels or dump them at the corner of the room. It makes the room looks disorganized and also the mountains of waste create chaos in your daily chores. But by blending your creative instinct with these disposables you can deck your both indoor or outdoor. These wasteful things can become excellent containers where you can sow a number of desired plants and decorate it according to your imagination. Here we have given you some ideas on container garden designing. For growing plants in containers you need to choose the right pot so that after the plant is sown the additional plant care given to the container plants proves useful to them.

Selecting container types
  • Don't choose container with narrow opening.
  • If you are choosing plastic pots then be careful as the scorching sunlight destroys it. Terracotta pots are liable to dry out quickly. Glazed ceramic pots are the excellent choices but you have to dig too many holes to drain out the water. The pot should have drainage holes at a length of ½ inches.
  • The containers made of wood are more likely to rot. But if you prefer wooden containers redwood and cedar wood containers are the best option. You can use them without painting them from inside. The benefit of using wooden pots for container gardening is that it can be given any size and shape you desire
  • The size of container depends on the number of plants that you will be growing. If you are growing deep-rooted vegetables small pots are not very useful as it restrict the spreading of the root and dry out quickly.
  • In summer use light-colored pots as they will not absorb heat and help the roots to grow evenly.
  • Put the containers on bricks so that the water is drained out easily.
  • Keep the container away form the sunlight in the afternoon.
  • Clay pots are full of holes and so the water is dripped off from the sides of the pot. So keep a careful watch and see if the plant is getting adequate moisture.